Sewer Line Replacement

In 2008 we discovered sewage coming into the sump in the basement. The process of repairing the sewer line led us into a story that seems all too typical of small town (in this case, Yellow Springs, Ohio) practices. AC Services handled the repair, which ended up involving the Village and Todd Van Lehn excavation, all of whom worked well together to fix the problem.  It ended up requiring the replacement of the lines from the house out to the “main” that went through our back yard.

When we purchased the property 20+ years ago we were unaware that 2 sewer mains went through our side yard.  They serviced businesses on the other side of Keith’s (actually Kieth’s, don’t even ask) Alley.  They joined together and then led out to the larger main going down Corry Street.  None of these mains were documented anywhere and no living person had any knowledge of them.Our line joined the main about 30 feet downstream from the “y”.  The northern leg, the one going under the garage, was active at the time we built the garage but was capped and rerouted down the alley a few years afterwards.  The southern leg was active until 2016 when as part of the alley repaving it was also capped and rerouted down the alley.  The blue line below shows the rerouted main.The yellow lines show the lines from our home that were replaced.  Note that 2 ilnes leave our home – the left goes from our downstairs bathroom and the right services everything else.  They join several feet above where our line enters the main, and the bend in the bathroom drain is quite close (inches, not feet) from the main itself.  Below are some pictures of the construction.  Click on the thumbnails to see the entire picture, and then click on the “i” to get a description of what you’re looking at.