Other Amherst Island Pictures

These pictures show different aspects of Amherst Island. Thanks for looking.

This picture shows a mouse track in fresh snow. Notice that the mouse made a track while walking on top of the snow, and then went under the surface to make a tunnel, raising the level of the snow slightly. A hungry bird would figure this out very quickly.
We are looking forward from the ferry as it approaches the ferry dock at Stella, on the Island. Here you can see the slight waves where the bubbles are breaking the surface. The holes in the pipe are about 10 feet apart.
We are looking forward from the ferry as it is in transit towards Amherst. The ferry runs all year. The channel normally freezes pretty solidly; when this picture was taken (February 2005) the ice was about 12″ thick around the ferry’s path, and thicker away from it. A bubbler keeps the ice from freezing over. Depending on the weather conditions, you typically see a channel of ice blocks. Sometimes there’s a small path, as shown here. The ferry is pretty good about pushing the loose ice aside.

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