Main Ducks Trip

On August 23, 2005, Bruce Caughey, Bruce Burnett and I took “Lawn Ornament” over to Main Duck Island, about 15 miles south of Amherst. We spent several hours there, walking around.

A picture of the small bay at Main Duck. You have a rather narrow entrance to this little bay, which is the only secure anchorage on the Island. Here is the Lawn Ornament, to the left, alongside a Catalina 36 from Toronto.
There’s a few structures close to the anchorage. They are all empty. The toilet still works, however. There used to be another building closeby, but it burned just last week when some kayakers ran into trouble.
Just a few hundred yards from the anchorage is this beach, on the other side of the Island. Note how far out the rock ledges go, and all the white Zebra mussel shells on the beach. This is an excellent place for a swim, especially if the wind is from the NE, which it was when this was taken.
Godzilla arises from the ocean! Well, how about Bruce rising from the lake instead. Almost as scary.
Here’s another view of the anchorage.


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