Beatty Hughes Park

Beatty Hughes Park is located in downtown Yellow Springs, Ohio. It isn’t large, a little over an acre, but is located close to downtown and contains a number of magnificent trees. The little circle in the picture below shows where it is. Yellow Springs is about 20 miles from Dayton and 10 from Springfield.

Zooming into just Yellow Springs, you can see the Park quite close to downtown, on Corry Street across from the 1,000 acre Glen Helen. The Glen is mostly heavily forested, while the Park is mostly grass which allows picnics, dog walking among many other outdoor activities.

Finally, a closeup of the Park from “drone” height. On the west (shortest) side there’s the Kieth’s Alley village parking lot. On the north is a vacant lot. On the east is Corry Street. On the south is the back yards of houses on Glen Street.

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