Infra20 Project

The Infra20 is a piece of hardware that connects to either a usb or serial port of a computer.

Infra20 infrasound detector.

It detects infrasound and reports it to a computer. It presently costs $295 and is sold by a Infiltec, a small company based in Virginia. You can get more details about it here.

Their supplied computer software that collects and presents the data is Amaseis, which was originally designed to work with other seismographic equipment and has been adapted for the Infra20. It’s not a bad piece of software, but it doesn’t meet the needs of someone who wants to get an idea of the average infrasound levels on an hour-by-hour basis. Plus it tends to crash too often for unattended use, especially if Amaseis’ window has been minimized.

So I decided to write some perl code to replace Amaseis’ data collection, plus writing two scripts to average each hour’s results. I am making these three scripts freely available to anyone who wants them. These are NOT professionally written scripts. Obviously there’s no warranties, no license, no payment, no support, no attribution needed.  Getting someone a little conversant with Windows would probably be a good thing.  To obtain the scripts send me an email (infra20 at sundrysites dot com) and I’ll send you the scripts as attachments. They’re quite small, about 5 KB total.

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