Welcome to the world of the
Sundry Sites

This is the home page of the Sundry Sites, a collection of different "sites" for a variety of friends and family, now at a2hosting. Presently included within, or linked to, the Sundry Sites are the following.
Bette's Stuff
  1. Phoerising.com/beads/, Bette's old bead web site.
  2. Phoerising.com, Bette's new web site.

Amherst Island Stuff
  1. The Getaway Home, pictures of the cottage.
  2. Amherst Island, weather and webcam.
  3. AI Hourly Report.
  4. AI Daily Report.
  5. Poplar Dell, pictures and info of the B&B.
  6. Honeywood, pictures of the Honeywood.
  7. AIMS, the AI Men's Society.
  8. CJAI, the AI Radio Station.

Wind Turbine Stuff
  1. AI Wind Info.
  2. Wind Farm Realities.
  3. Ontario Wind Turbines.
  4. Ontario Unwilling Hosts.
  5. Infrasound Info.

Yellow Springs Stuff
  1. YS Hourly Report.

Other Stuff
  1. Humor Items, Humorous Items.
  2. Browser Info, Browser Info.

If your browser allows, you may send e-mail to:
Webmaster webmaster@sundrysites.com